My Why

My name is Stormi Shuler and I'm a wife, homemaker, and SAHM of two. I am so grateful that I get to raise my babies and spend this precious time with them, but I think I speak for every SAHM when I say that the demands of the job were much higher than expected. I have always been someone that needs a creative outlet and I suddenly didn't have time for any of my own hobbies anymore. I knew that if I wanted my son and I to thrive in this phase of life, I would have to find a creative outlet that fit both of our needs. As it turns out, crafting with my little guy filled my cup just as much as my own hobbies did! The crafts and activities we've done together over the past 2 years have allowed us to grow our bond, spend quality time together, and make some of the best memories. In 2022 we added a sweet baby girl to our family and now we get to have double the fun. I would love nothing more than for you and your littles to join our fun and make memories of your own!